Christopher "Topher" Zia
Topher Zia
Gender Male
Occupation Trauma Attending,

Head of the ER Night Shift (former)

Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Relatives Lynn Zia (daughter; deceased)

Unnamed twin daughters
Sumei Zia (mother) Unnamed Sister Unnamed Father (deceased)

Significant Other(s) Janet Zia (wife)
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Burned
Actor Ken Leung
Christopher "Topher" Zia was the emergency room chief at San Antonio Memorial Hospital, until the end of Season 3.

Death Edit

His death was announced in the second episode of season four (Off The Rails). Jordan announces Topher's death in a speech made to the staff at the hospital, after receiving a text from the hospital's legal department and over a SAT phone to TC:

"At 9:37 last night, Dr. Christopher Zia and his daughter Lynn were in a head on collision with a drunk driver on the Pacific Coast Highway. They were flown by chopper to San Francisco General. There were no survivors. "

In his honour, the close friends of Topher and other staff at the hospital installed a plaque, a clipboard with 'Topher's Corner' engraved into it, on the nurses station where he always used to stand.

Before the series Edit

Topher was previously an army ranger along with TC Callahan and his brother, Thad. After his time in the army he began working as an attending emergency room physician at San Antonio Memorial.