The team uncovers a secret about the parents of an adopted 4 year old who needs a bone marrow transplant.

After a car crash a woman is found badly injured, it is later found out her son is still as the crash site. After finding the little boy (Frankie), we find out he needs a bone marrow transplant. The Team ask the "parents" but are told that Frankie was adopted. They try to reach out to Frankies biological parents but can't find any records or papers of the adoption. They start to dig deeper and get told by the mother that they didn't officially adopt Frankie but that they stole him from a pushchair outside a movie theatre in a mall. The real parents are found and they get to take Frankie home. The "adoptive" dad, gets taken in by the sheriff.

Drew and Syd continue to clash with the brass.

A 15 year old girl (Shibot) is found pregnant by drew and syd. Shibot keeps talking about her brother who is a drug dealer and how he has found way to get them to australia in order for shibot to escape her abusive husband. Her brother is found out to be a young boy called Omead. Drew argues with Syd and eventually Shibot and Omead escape the country and get to australia just like they had planned.