This page will chronicle the major events between the relationship of TC and Jordan.

Background Edit

TC and Jordan have a deep bond with one another that goes way back before their jobs at San Antonio Memorial. TC first sees Jordan when she is treating him; afterwards, he asks to take her out to dinner and she agrees. Their relationship continues while TC goes on a tour in Afghanistan as Jordan waits for him to return. During his time there, he would send her videos of his life there with his squad members. Meanwhile, Jordan is taking care of TC's sister-in-law, Annie, who is a drug addict who inconveniences Jordan. Jordan never tells TC about the truth about Annie's problem so she would not make him worry. She continued to take care of her because she loved TC and knew how much family meant to him. After TC comes back from the war, he is a changed man who is always angry and resorts to drinking, gambling, and fighting. Jordan drops everything in her life, including her work and friends, to be with him to help him cope through his new civilian life. TC ends things with her after he could not take it any longer.

Through the Series Edit

They meet again at San Antonio Memorial and they are friendly with one another, but they would not call themselves friends. They are able to connect with one another easily after their past, and they help each other in rough patches. The spark in their romance life starts to liven up again, and after Landry ended things with TC, TC grabbed Jordan in a kiss (Storm Watch). Jordan, confused, does not tell her current boyfriend about it and she does not pursue TC at all. TC does not give up though, and after their hostage situation, TC has flashbacks to the event where his brother died. His mind is not fully there, and Jordan is there to help him out of it. When he confesses his feelings about his guilt, Jordan promises him that she'll always be there for him while hugging him. Jordan's at the time boyfriend sees this and this ends their relationship, Jordan now being single.

Jordan and TC decide to keep things slow, but after TC grabbed Spice Girls concert tickets for Jordan and Gwen, she sees that he cares for her and they hook up in the elevator. This starts their full on public relationship. Although they are together, Jordan has a tough time telling TC things that might burden him. She hid the fact that she was being harassed by her stalker (Ghosts) until he found out from Scott (Need to Know). She also hid what she did for Annie and what Annie did to her. Jordan just does not want to worry TC, especially since he has his own things to worry about.

Jordan also finds out she is pregnant with TC's child, and once she tells him, they are happy (Need to Know). They start planning what they have to do before the baby arrives. TC plans on proposing to her eventually, as he keeps an engagement ring in his locker. However, things take a turn when Jordan has a stroke and falls into a coma while TC is in Afghanistan for a quick trip. In the end, Jordan loses the baby and TC is upset that he was not with her when this all happened. At the end of Darkest Before Dawn, TC proposes to Jordan but she shoots him down.