T.C. Callahan
TC Callahan
Gender Male
Occupation Trauma Attending

Military Doctor (former)

Age 30's
Status Alive
Relatives Thaddeus "Thad" J. Callahan (brother; deceased)
Annie (Sister-in-Law; deceased)

Unborn Child (Miscarriage with Jordan Alexander)

Significant Other(s) Jordan Alexander (Soulmate/ Complicated/ Love of his life)
Landry de la Cruz (Ex-Girlfriend)
Jessica Sanders (Ex-Girlfriend)
Amira (fling)
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Resurgence
Actor Eoin Macken

Thomas Charles "TC" Callahan works in San Antonio Memorial Hospital as a trauma attending. Before working at the hospital he was a military medic, serving along with Topher.

Before The Series Edit

Military Edit

TC was stationed in Afghanistan where he served as a Ranger, specifically as a medic. He served alongside his brother and he met Topher along the way. During his third tour in Afghanistan, he witnessed his brother's death and we learn that he blames himself for the tragic event, as he hesitated and didn't shoot the person that killed his brother. While on the field, he quickly decided to transplant his brother's heart to a wounded squad member, Nick. TC was eventually discharged from the military after causing trouble and came back home to Texas as a changed man. He suffered from PTSD where he resorted to fighting, drinking, and gambling to relieve him of his stresses. His then longtime girlfriend, Jordan, helped him cope and push through his struggles.

Throughout the series Edit

Season OneEdit

In the first episode of season one, we see TC in a jail cell, having been arrested for having another drunken fight. He gets out and travels back to San Antonio when he sees that there has been an accident. He pulls over to help the paramedics and sees that the victim has a chunk of wood coming out of his chest. TC safely removes the wood and travels back to the hospital with the paramedics. He is scolded by Ragosa as he performed such a dangerous thing in the field, and the hospital could have been open to a lawsuit if anything had gone wrong.

In Season 1, Episode 5, TC and Jordan help deliver Topher’s baby and afterwards have a heart to heart. TC apologizes for how he acted in the past. Jordan says they were always friends and things were feeling good between them again. In an impulsive moment TC kisses Jordan and she doesn't push away until they are interrupted by Kenny. Kenny tells them that Ragosa wants to see them in the ER. The episode closes with Ragosa announcing Scott and Jordan as the 'power couple' of the ER.

Next week’s episode looks intense as Jordan tries to figure out who is best for her between TC and Scott. It seems Scott may have found out that something happened with TC. Topher tells TC to leave Jordan alone. As she leaves everyone outside has heard including TC and Jordan. TC tries to help her but she calls him out on the fact that he and Jordan have unresolved feelings. TC and Jordan kiss in the break room and TC goes over to Jordan's apartment to talk about the kiss and Jordan gives him a ride to work and Scott finds out and Jordan tells him she gave TC a ride to work because his motorcycle was in the shop. Later on Jordan and Scott break up and TC and Jordan get back together.

Season TwoEdit

Jordan and TC begin a relationship.

Jordan tells TC that she's pregnant and TC goes back to Afghanistan with Topher to bring back a good friend of Tophers. When TC is gone Jordan has a stroke because of the pregnancy and loses the baby. When Jordan wakes up from the coma the miscarriage put her in, TC proposes, but Jordan declines and they break up.

Season ThreeEdit

TC and Jordan have broken up but still have to work together which makes it awkward, but pull through after a helicopter ride to a scene. Later in episode 3, a Pharmaceutical Rep, Jessica Sanders enters in. TC's patient has been taking their medication and has a side effect of suicidal thoughts. TC confronts Jessica but later on apologies to her. Jordan and Jessica talk about TC and what he is usually like. They eventually become friends. Later, Jessica and TC start off their relationship after a bond over motorcycles. However, in episode 10, TC beaks up with Jessica because she had been lying to him about her going against the San Antonio Hospital. TC ends up going to a bar with Drew and a fight breaks out which lands them in jail. After being bailed out by Jessica, TC takes a bus along with Jessica and have a talk then she leaves. Syd comes to the hospital and TC sees the flyer about a month at Turkey. TC ends up going to help out. In the last episode, TC decides to go to Camp Aleppo to help out. He steps outside to his motorcycle and sees a missile coming towards there way. Syd is on the ground and as TC runs towards her, he becomes injured and is next to Syd.

Season FourEdit

TC wakes up in the aftermath and Syd is nowhere to be found. He decides to look for her causing him to save an insurgent and befriend a Syrian doctor. He continues on despite different advice from the Syrian doctor, causing him to find Syd who has been kidnapped. He and Syd leave with the insurgent who is injured and they make it to the US base. After checking over their injuries, Syd mentions leaving to go back home. He decides to stay. Afterwards he receives a call about Topher but by that point the plane has left, leaving TC to stay in Syria.

He begins working with the Syrian doctor, Amira, and learns of a kid who needs surgery. However since they weren't on the base, they needed to get there. The kid's mother passes on intel when the doctors were told they couldn't go to the base.