Richard "Rick" Lincoln
Gender Male
Occupation Policeman

Military Commander (former)

Age Unknown
Status Alive
Relatives Brianna Holt (Adoptive Daughter)
Significant Other(s) Drew Alister (Husband)
First Seen Coming Home
Last Seen Resurgence
Actor Luke Macfarlane
Rick Lincoln was a military commander until he lost his right leg in a bus accident, and is now a policeman/trainer of SWAT teams.

The Series Edit

He first appeared in Coming Home, where he was on his way home from Afghanistan and was in a bus accident. He was sent to San Antonio Memorial, where it is revealed that he is Drew's boyfriend. Despite efforts to save his leg, he does end up needing it amputated. Throughout the day Drew refuses any contact with Rick as he is scared that people will find out he is gay and only label him 'the gay doctor'. However, after encouragement from Krista, Drew stops Rick before he goes into surgery and kisses him in front of his co-workers and Rick's platoon.

He and Drew break up temporarily due to Rick's leg, but after seeing Drew on the news after he became semi-famous for saving lives at a military event, he seeks out Drew again and they get back together again. They remain in a happy relationship, eventually getting married at the end of season 2. In late season 3, they adopt a girl named Brianna.

He was prominently seen in season 4 episode 5, where he was flying back to Texas with Drew and Drew's mother. Throughout the episode, he helps Drew care for the sick patients on the plane as well as deliver a baby.

He is also seen in the later episodes of season 4, notably during season 4 episode 8 where he is on a raid with his SWAT team and his partner becomes injured. At the end of that episode, he and Drew have a conversation outside the hospital which becomes tense. Rick suggests adding a baby to their family life at the same time Drew declares that he is leaving for ranger school.

In season 4 episode 10, the season finale, he is shown partaking in a SWAT raid on a school campus with active shooters. At the end of the episode, he and Drew have another conversation though this one much more relaxed and peaceful. They talk about Drew's decision to go to ranger school, come to an agreement, and seem to make up once again.