Paul Cummings
Paul Cummings
Gender Male
Occupation Resident
Age 27
Status Alive
Relatives Two Brothers

Bella Cummings (sister)
Julian Cummings (father)

Significant Other(s) Shannon Rivera (Girlfriend)
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Burned
Actor Robert Bailey, Jr.

Paul Cummings joined San Antonio Memorial as a first-year surgical resident.

Dr. Paul Cummings is a resident and member of the San Antonio Night shift. Paul is eager and awkward and is always looking to please. Paul is one of the younger sons of world renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Julian Cummings, who owns and runs a private practice with his other sons in Chicago. Paul came to Texas to escape his father's shadow. Paul is often at the butt of night shift pranks. Paul virginity is also often joked about.

Through The Series Edit

  • In Season 1, He starts off as an intern for the San Antonio Hospital Night Shift. He's not confident and a bit weak in the beginning. Kenny sees that and starts to prank him as a way to welcome him in the Night Shift Crew. He is shown to be a very smart intern.

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