Moving On
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Season 2, Episode 12
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Air date May 4, 2015
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Moving On is the twelfth episode and of Season 2 of The Night Shift. It premiered on May 4, 2015 on NBC.


The night starts off when a child and his mother is rushed to the ER because the child has a dangerous furious. The mother has constant faint spells and Jordan soon discovers that the mother is under stress because of her husband. The paramedic soon discovers that the husband is abusing her. TC treats an ex-con (Wendall Pierce) with a broken ankle but later discovers that the patient has ALS. Elsewhere, Topher gets contact of a fellow veteran whose health is declining and is forced to go back to Afghanistan to treat him. Ragosa bets Kenny, Drew and Krista money on treating that weirdest patient.


BACA was introduced in this episode. They are a real organization called 'Bikers Against Child Abuse.' They help children with abusive parents, or children dealing with abusive situations, including rape. They protect the child, including stand guard outside their house and accompanying them to court. They are located all across America, Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland.