Michael Ragosa
Michael Ragosa
Gender Male
Occupation Intern
Financial Advisor
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Relatives Naomi Ragosa (Daughter)
Unnamed son
Significant Other(s) Lydia Ragosa (Ex-Wife)
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Darkest Before Dawn
Actor Freddy Rodríguez
Michael Ragosa first appears in the pilot episode of The Night Shift, he is the financial advisor for the hospital.

His personality is strict and professional and throughout the first season most of the people on the night shift dislike him, he has a rivalry with TC Callahan which results in physical violence on several occasions, this is probably due to their contrasting personalities and the fact that Ragosa enforces strict adherence to the law.

Within the first few episodes of the first season, Ragosa and Landry de la Cruz (the resident psychologist) come to an understanding that Ragosa can 'talk' to her, this leads to him revealing that he has a wife (now ex-wife) and two children, boy and a girl. Later on in Season 1, Episode 4 (Grace Under Fire) he reveals he has a degenerative disease in his left eye and has been putting off corrective surgery.

When a storm causes the hospital to become short staffed, Landry suggests Ragosa jump in to help. He really enjoys working on patients.


Ragosa was in medical school and completed his fourth year, he had to quit after that because of his loss of sight in his left eye. Before coming to the hospital his wife and him started divorce proceedings, throughout the series, it is seen that their relationship is not very good, Ragosa mentions how she allowed him to see them one weekend, it struck a nerve with him because she used the word 'allow'.


Ragosa is a very proud and very strict man, he has a soft side but has a hard time showing it. In his conversations with Landry de la Cruz we see his softer side even saying "I don't know what to say but if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here" when Landry de la Cruz tells him about her father extorting her for money regularly.

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