Michael Ragosa
Michael Ragosa
Gender Male
Occupation Trauma Doctor
Physician Assistant (former)
Financial Advisor (former)
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Relatives Naomi Ragosa (Daughter)
Unnamed son
Significant Other(s) Lydia Ragosa (Ex-Wife)

Landry de la Cruz (Crush)

First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Darkest Before Dawn
Actor Freddy Rodríguez
Michael Ragosa first appears in the pilot episode of The Night Shift. He was the financial advisor for the hospital, and later becomes a Physicians Assistant.

Season One Edit

Within the first few episodes of the first season, Ragosa and Landry de la Cruz (the resident psychologist) come to an understanding that Ragosa can 'talk' to her, this leads to him revealing that he has a wife (now ex-wife) and two children, boy and a girl. Later on in Season 1, Episode 4 (Grace Under Fire) he reveals he has a degenerative disease in his left eye and has been putting off corrective surgery.

In Season 1, Episode 5, when the storm causes the hospital to become short staffed, Landry suggests Ragosa to jump in to help. He shows a different side of himself here as really enjoys working on patients.

In the last episode of the season, Ragosa finally caves and has surgery performed on his eye, as the ophthalmologist discovers that he has a tumour in his eye.

Season 2 Edit

Season 2 begins with Ragosa quitting his job at the hospital, he is, however, quickly seen lamenting his decision, talking about how he was about to be fired and would have ended up with benefits. Topher then offers him a job as a Physicians Assistant (PA).

Throughout the season Ragosa performs basic tasks in the ER, such as drawing blood, putting in IVs, and urine testing, but he grows and learns as the show progresses, allowing him to assist in more difficult tasks, such as inflating a collapsed lung. His relationships with his coworkers also changes during his time working as a PA. At the beginning of the season we see the other doctors and nurses hazing him and pulling practical jokes on him such as what happened to Paul, but but later on we see him having fun with everyone, making bets, pulling pranks, and studying with them.

At the beginning of Episode 13, Jordan announces that Michael passed his Boards and is now a full-fledged doctor.

Season 3 Edit

Paul mentions in Episode 1 that Michael left to do his internship in Dallas, to be closer to his ex-wife and children after they moved.

Personal LifeEdit

Ragosa was in medical school and completed his fourth year, he had to quit after that because of his loss of sight in his left eye, which is later revealed to be due to a tumor. Before coming to the hospital him and his wife began divorce proceedings, and throughout the series, it is seen that their relationship is not very good. Ragosa mentions how she only allowed him to see his children one weekend; this annoyed him as she used the word 'allow'. Though he seems to have a great relationship with his daughter, Naomi.


His personality is strict and professional and throughout the first season most of the people on The Night Shift dislike him. After the accident in Season 1, Episode 2, he closes down the tailgate temporarily, where the nurses and doctors chill out before and after shifts, which annoys many staff members. He also has a strong rivalry with TC Callahan which results in physical violence on several occasions, this is probably due to their contrasting personalities and the fact that Ragosa enforces strict adherence to the law.

Ragosa is a very proud and very strict man, he has a soft side but has a hard time showing it. In his conversations with Landry de la Cruz we see his softer side even saying "I don't know what to say but if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here" when Landry de la Cruz tells him about her father extorting her for money regularly. Another example we see of this is in Season 2 when he does not have the money for his daughter's Quinceañera. Even when Jordan overhears him talking about it (and then punching a wall out of anger) he does not want to admit that he could not give his daughter what she wanted, and he refused to ask for help.

We see that he does not like being the butt of a joke. Whenever one of the other doctors or nurses pranks him he "goes off and sulks" as Drew comments. However, he is not afraid to get them back, pranking them in return.

He cares deeply for what his family, namely his daughter, thinks of him. He mentions that all he thinks about is her happiness. He even goes so far to impress her that he lies about his profession.