Krista Bell-Hart
Krista Bell-Hart
Gender Female
Occupation Surgical Resident
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Relatives Sister
Significant Other(s) Kenny Fournette - (Ex-Boyfriend)

Joey Chavez - (Ex-Fling)

First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Darkest Before Dawn
Actor Jeananne Goossen

Krista Bell-Hart joined San Antonio Memorial as a first year surgical resident along with Paul.

Background Edit

Early Life Edit

At the age of 9, Krista knew she wanted to become a doctor after her mother died from breast cancer.

She also suffered from an eating disorder during most of her high school years as found out when treating a 14 year old bullimic teen.

After high school, she attended Stanford on a scholarship.

She was an intern at San Antonio Memorial but was cut off as Paul cummings got the job instead.

She took a liking to Drew and asked him on a date but later found out that he was Gay. She then pretended to be his girlfriend to get Molly to stop giving drew her niece's phone number.

She also connected with Joey Chavez while assisting him during many surgeries. Her fling with Joey ended after he moved to a different hospital.

She dated Kenny for a while but that stopped after Kenny found Krista kissing Joey Chavez.