Gwen Gaskin
Gwen Gaskin
Gender Female
Occupation Paramedic
Age 30's
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown
Significant Other(s) Kenny
- (Ex-Boyfriend)
First Seen Recovery
Last Seen The Thing with Feathers
Actor Merle Dandridge

Gwen Gaskin is a paramedic at San Antonio Memorial and is Jordan's longtime best friend.

Background Edit

Gwen suffered from domestic abuse from her ex-husband until she was able to leave him. She is still trying to move on from the pain he left her.

Gwen is also Jordan's best friend and looks out for her, especially with her relationship with TC. Gwen knew TC before he came back with PTSD, and she has also seen him at his worst.

In the Series Edit

Gwen makes her first appearance in season 2 as she joins the San Antonio Memorial ER crew as a paramedic. She shows doubts towards Jordan's decision to get back together with TC. She offers advice to Jordan whenever they get the chance to talk.

In Ghosts, Gwen finds out that Jordan is being harassed by her stalker that is in prison. She offers to help Jordan with her connections in the police, albeit Jordan refuses until she has had enough. Jordan then takes up on Gwen's offer.

In Need to Know, Gwen shows an interest towards Kenny and they start to bond. They go out after their shift ends, and Gwen reveals to Jordan the next day that they hooked up. In the same episode, Gwen has Jordan's back as she reveals the truth about Annie's behavior and what Jordan did for her to TC.

In Aftermath, Gwen accidentally labels herself as Kenny's girlfriend when they haven't clearly decided what they were yet. She embarrassingly then says she meant that she was his friend that was a girl.

In Hold On, Kenny asks to tag along with Gwen during her job so he can get a sense of what patients go through on the way to the hospital. She agrees, and they talk about more personal things in the ambulance. They have a little awkward moment about their habits towards one another, but they get through it and make up. Overall, their relationship gets stronger.

In Moving On, Gwen sees a patient's mother get shoved against the wall by the husband and she confronts him by shoving and yelling at him. She accuses him of being abusive towards her and is clearly upset by what she saw. Jordan shows her doubt towards her saying that this wasn't Gwen's first time accusing something like this and was wrong in the past. This puts a strain on their friendship. Gwen reveals to the patient and his mother that she was a victim of domestic abuse from her ex-husband. She encourages them to get out of the environment with her and successfully convinces them. Kenny finds out about Gwen's situation and she tells him that she's still trying to move on from the past.

In Darkest Before Dawn, while the snipers are still out shooting first responders, Gwen goes out to help in any way she can. Kenny is understandably worried, but Gwen returns to the hospital safe and unharmed. Gwen then worries about Jordan and how she collapsed. She is clearly upset for her friend and cries while being comforted by Kenny.