Drew Alister
Drew Alister
Gender Male
Occupation Chief Resident
Age 30s
Status Alive
Relatives Sister

Brianna - (Adoptive Daughter)

Significant Other(s) Rick Lincoln - (Husband)
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Burned
Actor Brendan Fehr

Drew is a gay Army medic, still active in the reserves. He tried to hide the fact that he's gay, on account of being afraid of being only seen as the "gay doctor", until he kissed his boyfriend, Rick, who is also in the Army and was about to have a leg amputation, in front of Rick's platoon and Drew's co-workers.

Drew likes to do mixed martial arts in his free time and is often seen in episodes, in early seasons, practicing. In the first episode he is in the ER when a man starts a fight with the staff and Drew steps in and puts the guy in a choke hold until he passes out.

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