Drew Alister
Drew Alister
Gender Male
Occupation Chief Resident
Age 30s
Status Alive
Relatives Sister

Brianna (Adoptive Daughter)

Significant Other(s) Rick Lincoln (Husband)
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Resurgence
Actor Brendan Fehr

Drew Alister is an Army medic and doctor at San Antonio Memorial Hospital.

Personal Life Edit

Being Gay Edit

Drew's parents, his dad especially, had openly disapproved of him being gay and refused to have any contact with him because of it. He had wanted to hide the fact that he was gay from the rest of the hospital staff, until TC Callahan figured it out in the early episodes of Season One. This is because he felt that as soon as he came out, he would only be seen as the gay doctor. Krista Bell-Hart thought that Drew was flirting with her, and kisses him, unaware that he is gay. He then explains to Krista that he is gay, and along with TC promises to keep it a secret. When Rick, Drew's boyfriend, comes into the ER after an accident involving the bus bringing him back from the war, Drew cannot show any affection to him as he is afraid people will find out. After encouragement from Krista, just before Rick is supposed to go into surgery in order to amputate his leg, he kisses him in front of the hospital staff and Rick's platoon members, much to TC's surprise, and reassures him.

In Season 3, Episode 8, Drew gets called out to an accident involving a foster mother and her foster daughter. Drew strikes up a relationship with the girl, Brianna, who has cystic fibrosis. They take both the mother and Brianna back to the hospital, where despite their best efforts, the mother dies. Drew comforts Brianna, and, not wanting her to go back into the foster system, decides to adopt her with Rick. Brianna later gets a lung transplant, which Drew nearly missed due to being put in jail after a fight in a bar with TC. After Brianna wakes up from surgery, Rick and Drew are there. They first take her home in the last episode of season 3. Even though Drew's parents don't like that he is gay and find it hard to imagine him with another man, Drew's mother is determined to see her granddaughter. In Season 4, Episode 5, after the plane Drew, Rick and Drew's mother were on landed after a medical emergency, Brianna was scared but was relieved to find Drew and Rick okay, running at them both and screaming 'Dads!'. After Drew introduces his mother to Brianna, she instantly runs up to her, yelling 'Nana!'.

MMA Edit

Drew likes to do mixed martial arts in his free time and is often seen practicing in episodes of early seasons. In the first episode, he is working in the ER when a man starts a fight with a nurse, until Drew steps in and puts the guy in a choke-hold until he passes out. In Season 4, Episode 6, Drew teaches an MMA class with Kenny when Mac brings in someone they thought could help. The guy, Locke, gets paired up with Kenny and holds him in a chokehold. Drew jumps in to help, holding Locke in a chokehold and then shoving him away, to make him let go of Kenny. After being freed from the chokehold, Kenny couldn't feel his legs and had temporary paralysis. Drew felt extremely guilty as he believed Kenny's paralysis was his fault, since he paired Kenny and Locke up together..