Back at the Ranch
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Season 2, Episode 2
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Air date March 2, 2015
Written by Bridget Bedard and Dailyn Rodriguez
Directed by Timothy Busfield
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Back at the Ranch is the second episode of Season 2 of The Night Shift. It premiered on March 2, 2015 on NBC.


TC returns to the hospital following his brief suspension, then deals with a woman who was accidentally shot by her husband and was later pronounced dead upon arrival. Ragosa starts his new job as a physician's assistant, while Topher and Jordan butt heads for Ragosa's old job. Kenny helps a star high school football player deal with the fact that his injuries will likely mean he can't play contact sports anymore. Drew has complications with his relationship that involve trying to get the doctor to sign for Rick to get a prosthetic. Meanwhile, Krista and Joey seem to connect, much to Kenny's annoyance.